For her second box, Wanda takes you to Greece. Imagine the air thick with heat, your skin slightly salty; You sink your teeth into a juicy fig that you’ve picked from a hanging branch whilst anticipating the meal that awaits...

Each Wanda Box is curated to transform your evenings at home into something distinct and other-worldly. With menus written by chefs from our favourite restaurants, try your hand at cooking with the flavours and methods used by the best. Dive a little deeper and discover the table accessories and special ingredients included in your box to set your table with a new look and feel.



To set the table, Wanda provides two cocktail glasses to sip your cocktail, an octagonal plate for your side dish, a shell plate for your dessert, two napkins with a meander edge and a burnt orange candle holder with candlestick to bring a flicker of light to the table. Wanda has even put together a ready-made playlist that will provide the soundtrack to the evening until the early hours.

Inside your WANDA BOX you will discover authentic Greek ingredients to accompany the menu as well as a syrup made by Marianne Leivaditaki to add to your cocktail.

10% of our profits will be donated to The World Food Programme


The Menu

Revered chef, Marianna Leivaditaki, Head Chef of Morito, has designed a menu drawing on her Greek upbringing in Crete. Inspired by recipes from the mountains to the sea, the menu is full of stories of home - of hot summers, fresh fish and real colourful evenings.


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Anaïs van Manen, Head of Research at Bao